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ZiSatKa band

ZiSat Ka band is a revolutionary design, described as the Future of Satellite Communication by NASA, engineered as high throughput satellite (HTS) enabling greater volumes of traffic transmission compared to Ku and C-band. Industries today are over whelmed by the technology’s ability to use smaller antenna yet increase mobility, speed and bandwidth at a fraction of the price you pay for Ku or C-band.

The Demand for Ka band is fast growing in the Middle East and Africa because of its ability to power critical communication applications including trunking, VOIP, cellular backhaul services, high speed broadband internet access, enterprise networks and government communications. ZiSat Ka is yet the only Satellite platform at this time, that can match the offer of terrestrial Internet or consumer broadband for not just price but speed! You can enjoy high speed internet, unlimited outbound calling to 16 countries at no cost per min and watch live TV via Cruize, all for the price of one!

Why Choose ZiSat ka?
Affordable Cost, Security, High Bandwidths & Speed
Provides high volume and focused coverage
Steerable beams to accommodate increasing customer requirement
Smaller end user antennas and increased mobility
Cost effective network deployments 
High Efficient support of High bandwidth applications
Targets enterprise and government markets
Dedicated support and secure connectivity

ZiSat Ka band is presently serving the following countries.
Afghanistan, Angola, Azerbaijan, Burundi, Dubai, Egypt, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Kenya, Lebanon, Nigeria, Oman, Pakistan, Qatar,  Saudi Arabia,  South Africa,  South Sudan, Sudan, Tanzania,
Turkey, Uganda and Yemen


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