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Watch live news, hit shows, timeless movies, and viral videos from Google Play, YouTube, and your favorite apps like Netflix via Cruize while you are in the office at no cost or subscription fee plus Android games on any tv or monitor with your remote as the gamepad.  CruizeTV is Host Quarters Smart tv platform developed by Google, running the android operating system, creating an interactive experience on existing television programming. This solution is best for field office, Cabin Houses, Rigs, Crew ships, FPSO, Life Camp and Picnics.

With CruizeTv Box, Any graphic display devices can be turned into an HDTV, Coloured or Box Tv’s can also be converted into an IP TV via AV or HDMI. The device built with storage capabilities of up to 32gb, lets you store your favorite shows so you can watch while you are away from home. 

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